Polden Way Plod

With a trail half marathon booked as well as increasing my weekly mileage, I also realised that I need to get used to some more suitable terrain…. yes that means trails and hills!!

With that in mind I had Wednesday morning hanging around Street in Somerset waiting for my eldest to finish an exam – so I had a choice shopping in clarkes village or a nice long run! As you can guess the long run option won, and after a bit of googling and strava segment searching I settled on the Polden Way.

The Polden Way is a footpath project which links together areas of land with public access on the Polden Hills between Walton, near Street, and Hurcot, near Somerton. It has opened up a path through King’s Wood: an area between Combe Hill and Great Breach Wood which previously had no public access.

and it’s a banger of a route, taking you past hoods monument for a quick selfie and working along the ridgeline towards Hurcot. To be honest I didn’t quite make Hurcot and turned around after about 9kms of following the well marked and enjoyable trail.

My pace was fairly benign at about 6:45 Min/kms on average but I felt strong and enjoyed the views, photo oppertunities and the singletrack more than worrying about pace. I clocked up 17.5kms in the end and will be back early next month to add the additional 4km or so into Hurcot and back.

STRAVA summary

Find out more about Polden Way HERE

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