Night on the Town…

…The Town Tea Trails that is.

Running in the evening always seems odd to me, I’m a morning or lunchtime runner normally. But a run organised in the next village over is too good to miss, especially when the spring weather made a returned appearance.

The Town Tea Trail is organised between Yeovil Road Running Club and Ash School, and is a 7(ish) mile mix of quiet country road, a couple of fields and the really picturesque Town Tea Trail.

Ash Town Tree Trail 20.5.15
Ash Town Tree Trail 20.5.15

Starting with a couple of K’s downhill my pace was sub 5 min/km’s and I was feeling strong maintaining a sub 5:30 min/km for the first 5km despite the fields and gates – laps 6 & 7 however – which are actually through the Town Tea, completely destroyed me however, with the winding footpath snaking it’s way in a small squiggle, I never really got a stride going, and it left my knees and ankles screaming for mercy.

Back on the road I pulled it back together a little, but was completely sapped, my legs dead and struggled to pick my pace back up to anything like before entering the trail despite the encouragement from marshalls and other runners – but head down I kept going and despite the last 1km through plowed field being a killer finished the 11km in 1:02:33 and 42nd out of 93 runners – so middle of the pack as always.

I’m putting it down to late in the day lack of fueling – but it may just be down to being a lazy git and not getting enough good miles in!!

All in all a great run around my local area and a pleasent (haha) way to spend a Wednesday night!!


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