Janathon 2016

So i’ve got it into my head that Janathon would be a good idea… I blame my friend Kat… she posted about it via her blog, and it got me thinking that a really good kick start to the years training.. and getting some new blog posts and social media regularity would be useful.

I usually do Jantastic which isn’t running this year and despite the shite weather my motivation to go run is usually okay (the Hoka One One half marathon in February is also focusing the mind) but my motivation to blog is as always high…but ability to get around to it very low haha.

So this year… as of the first of Jan, a bit of exercise everday (including my 4 runs a week) and a tweet, instagram, facebook (less likely as i am trying to keep FB for general things and don’t want all my non running friends timelines full of my crap) or blog post each day about fitness, this may just include my run of the day, my cross training (sounds grand but usually involves a walk to the supermarket at lunchtime!!) and maybe some of those half finsished gear reviews I never get around to posting.

I’m not sure how well it’s going to go, work is always crazy in January, and this year as we have just changed the name/brand Identity it could be bonkers, plus I have a trip to Bahrain later in the month, so expect some spectacular excuses for not completing the challenge!!!

Anyway, if you are interested in Janathon… check it out here

Otherwise keep an eye on the blog, and my social media channels

Happy New Year


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