The 2015 Round Up!

As 2015 reaches it’s final hours, I thought a quick round up of my activities during the year would be worth writing down and preserving for the future.

This year was in no way remarkable, running often gave way to work and family life (quite rightly so) but, I did complete some major milestones (for me), I completed a half marathon distance twice – once around the streets in training and then the fabulous White Star Running Dorset Invader. I improved my PB’s for 10k and 5km and I nearly doubled the total distance I ran over 2014.

My son completed his 10th parkrun… (I’ve still got 24 to go for the 50 Tee) and has really started to enjoy running with me, which I am really happy about. And the office team had great fun running the Santa Dash dressed as Elves!

I ran in Italy, USA, China (on Treadmill), East Yorkshire, but best of all Somerset & Dorset. Spent loads of cash on trainers, running clothes and tech that I didn’t really need, but generally feel happier and healthier than I have done for many years.

Next year sees lots more half marathons, with the Hoko One One, Larmer, Ox (and Dark Ox), Invader & Bad Cow booked, the Sydling Hill 10km (no half option here and I missed out on a full… thankfully haha) and I will book Bovington on New Years day as well.

I will not be doing… the Yeovil Half, the Martock 10km or any other road race as my knees and ankles never thank me!!

I am also booked into a UKA Leadership in Running fitness course early February… so more on that in the future.

So all in all a good year, really looking forward to Janathon and all the challenges 2016 will bring.

Happy New Year to all my family, friends and anyone else that reads this drivel!!

Below is a small gallery taken from my veloviewer round up!


  1. A great year for you! Can’t believe you left it too late to get into the full at Giant’s Head though! We’ll see you at the Ox’s too…..we’re in for Light, Dark & Ultra 😀


    • I know, crazy award winning Dorset marathons 😜 I’m doing the dark and then the half at ox, so will be around all night on the Saturday. What about Bovington? Fancy a medal with tanks… .?


      • We have pondered but I think it’s a no, the Boyf is doing a double the weekend after and we’re trying to be sensible 😀 let us know how much of a swamp-fest it is and we may pencil it in for 2017

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