Yeovil Montacute B is for……….

So today was the first running of the B course for Yeovil Montacute parkrun, the B course was put in place after serious flooding wiped out the home course at Montacute House during the winter of 2014. Due to the warm wet winter, Montacute has been taking a beating so the team have decided to move us over to the B course on Ham Hill Country park to give the main route some time to recover.

I have to say the course was an absolute beast today… it was seriously muddy around the three fields in use, and plenty of people went AOT, especially down the gentle slopes and through the gates, it’s also a multi-lap number.. which I know many parkruns have to deal with due to location, but I have to admit I’m not a huge fan… If i wanted to run circles I’d do track!

That said the organisers and marshalls did a great job as always, with help and guidance on hand to the 200 + turnout. And I had a really nice run with my 12 year old, who was stoked to be out wearing his 10 Club T shirt (but wasn’t feeling the love today) and my Daughter and hery BOYF who were at the back making excuses…bloody lazy students!!

Day 2 of Janathon complete… bring on Sunday!

(Picture Copyright Neil Biss/Yeovil Montacute parkrun twitter feed)


  1. I definitely find multi-lappers need to be on an interesting course, preferably wiggly where you can’t see all of the runners all of the time. It feels more like a single lap run then (Shorne Woods is like that and I really enjoyed it). If you want laps you can always come and join us for the Groundhog Day track marathon in March 😉
    Good luck with day 3


    • Haha…. Thanks for the offer… But not for me boss..rather stick my head in the oven 💀March is a week in the US and the the Larmer tree.


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