NOOOO….don’t make me go back!

Yes, Janathon day 4 see’s the dreaded return to work… after nearly 3 weeks off getting up at 6:30 was never going to be pretty… even though I haven’t been sleeping that much later all Christmas, there is something about enforced work related wake up that makes it harder…

But, to be honest it wasn’t that bad, I’ve spent most of the day creating 15 second Instagram videos for a 9 week campaign that we are running between now and March. They seem to be looking good and I will share when the go live. This did mean however most of the day sat on my arse staring at the screen. However I did get out for a 7km run at lunchtime with Chris D. It wasn’t super fast but we put in a couple of hills out the back of Yeovil and through some fields and started to look out for the Barwick Follies that I would like to incorporate into a longer run at sometime later this month.

Strava Activity Here and don’t forget to join the Janathon Running Group here.

Anyway, day 4 done and ready to see what day 5 of Janathon brings!

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