and a little further…

I love living in the South West, getting from the office to footpaths and fields is a doddle. Janathon day 5 and all is going well, so we went out the same route as yesterday today, but added an extra 3km section pushing the distance out to 10k.

Completing in an hour and a minute, and was happy that with the crossing of roads and walking a bit up some of the steeper hills that a sub hour 10k is still more than achievable, and we managed the same average pace as all good.

I am still shaking off the last bits of my pre christmas cold, and the little gremlin was sat on my chest on the hills.. but other than feeling positive going forward.

I was glad to check of my first Strava 10k badge for the year, plus achieved the first 25% of my 1000 m climb target… not bad for the 5th of the month.

It’s a no run day tomorrow, but I am playing volleyball for the first time in 20 years so that should be a laugh, and I will probabaly spend the rest of the month running with thumbs in splints!

Todays Strava HERE


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