Snowboarder, Runner, Metalhead, Punk, Traveller, Rotary Wing Geek, Social Media Junky, supporter of independent snowboard stores, snowflex, parkrun & drinking water.

576176_10151571819606823_1889674937_n That’s my standard short summary in the social media type description box, and all in all it’s a fairly decent overview of what I’m about, but as always with these things there’s always more to say..if only you had enough free characters!!

I used to be fit as part of my day job, as an ex-squaddie I never really thought about staying in shape.. there was always some big hairy PT Instructor or guardsman who was always happy to shout at you to make you go faster, further, do more or generally put more effort in which kept the weight off – despite the beer intake, when the day job of climbing up and down Army Lynx Mk7’s wasn’t hard enough

381215_10150461542026823_225990239_nAfter 10 years of thinking I have a high metabolism civvy street allowed me carry on climbing up and down Lynx at the UK manufacturers for a few years before i decided OEP215 and Hydraulic Fluid wasn’t the smell that I longed for, so got myself a shiny arse and a big desk in Customer Support.

Flash forward about 10 years and getting ready to go away with the boys at Big Dreams Snowboarding in Wareham, Ben (the Boss) was trying to choose me some demo kit to take away…..

Jump on the scales Badger…. fookin’ hell 102kgs you FAT FUCK Branny!!

And he was right, the 32″ waist had hit 38″ and it was starting to show – not only in the weight but also how hard a week I had getting up on a board and 102kgs of slammin’ bloody hurts.

So when I got back from the week away I ignored things for a little while, continuing to make excuses, but it really set me thinking about things and  I realised – it was time to get sorted, I’ve always hated the gym… they’re for posers and perverts haha!! so running seemed like the best option – so in the summer of 2013 i started running again, struggling at first, picked up a few injuries along the way – fell of the wagon for a few months at the back end of 2014. But I’m up and running (and about 15kgs lighter).

317858_10150461541861823_513066702_nSo this blog is mainly about my running, will sometimes pick up on my other loves.. like my gorgeous wife and awesome kids, maybe a bit of snowboarding stuff,  some geeky tech stuff, maybe some comics, punk rock & thrash metal , pictures of food, kit reviews, race reviews, parkrun, some helicopters and anything else that seems (i)relevant!